CPD for modern learning professionals
Our skills define us. They are what makes us useful and productive. They are the foundations of our achievements. In many ways, they make us what we are.

And ‘what we are’ is constantly changing. As we look to meet new challenges, take advantage of new opportunities and meet the changing expectations of learners and managers.

Imagine a new development programme designed from the ground up with one aim in mind: to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to fulfil your potential as a modern learning professional. A programme focused entirely on what is relevant, practical and founded on the very latest research.

Imagine a programme that gives you the flexibility to learn just what you need, when and where you want. And at the same time provides you with all the support you need to take your skills to the next level.

It’s time to begin your skills journey.

The world of the modern learning professional

The modern learning professional needs the skills and confidence to interact with key stakeholders, with learners and increasingly with digital media. These skills are informed by an understanding of evidence-based principles of teaching and learning, an up-to-date knowledge of the latest tools and technologies and an awareness of what is current best practice:

The Skills Journey curriculum follows a comprehensive competency framework for learning professionals, allowing you to use Skills Journey as the basis for a development programme for everyone in your team, as well as the coaches, on-job instructors and subject specialists that support your efforts.

For a fuller discussion of the changes affecting learning professionals and the implications for future roles, see The Changing Skill Set of the Learning Professional


Interacting with media

  • Digital design in context
  • The six characteristics of compelling content
  • Visual design
  • Communicating with sound
  • Designing for interactivity
  • Creating live action videos
  • Creating animated videos
  • Creating screencasts
  • Creating interactive scenarios
  • Making micro-learning work for you

Interacting with stakeholders

  • The four responsibilities of the learning professional
  • Establishing a learning architecture
  • Analysing performance and learning needs
  • Designing learning solutions
  • Implementing your solution
  • Evaluating success
  • Data analytics for learning and performance ***
  • User-centred design for performance support ***

Interacting with learners

  • Presenting as a subject specialist
  • Coaching for learning
  • Instructing on-the-job
  • Instructing a group
  • Facilitating a group learning experience
  • Delivering live and online
  • Supporting online learning communities
  • Curating content for learning
  • Practical 21st century classroom skills***

Evidence based principles

  • The Knowledge

*** Available early 2019

What next?

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