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Classroom and Virtual Classroom

The classroom continues to have a valuable role to play in learning interventions. We know what’s required to fully leverage the power of the classroom – whether that’s within four walls or the virtual variety.

Live events play an important role within a blend. They add urgency. They permit free-flowing discussion. They allow learners to get quick answers to questions and speedy feedback on their performance. Yes, it’s always a little more exciting when you’re sharing the moment with others.

Here is how Skills Journey can help you to make the most of the opportunity:

Building your capability

We have trained dozens of organisations to design and deliver better classroom sessions. We believe that live group events are wasted when people just sit and listen – after all, they could do that on their own. No, a classroom event should be an uplifting experience that acts as a catalyst for change.

Alongside our online self study courses we provide a number of programmes that can help you build capability around the physical and virtual classroom. Each is available in a wide variety of formats and would be customised to meet your specific needs:

Working alongside you

We can work with you to coach your designers and facilitators as they work on real projects. This service works brilliantly as a follow-up to the programmes listed above.

Doing it for you

We’re more than happy to design physical and virtual classroom sessions for you, tapping in to our decades of experience and our specialist technical and creative skills.


If you would like us to speak on the future of the classroom at your meeting or conference, please get in touch.


We have a book that you might find useful: