About this course

Is this for you?

This course is aimed at digital content designers, graphic designers, subject specialists, trainers, marketers – in fact just about anyone who wants to create animated videos themselves or intends to work alongside other specialists. It assumes no technical knowledge other than basic computer skills. If you already have software suitable for animating (and PowerPoint is enough to get started), that’s fine. If you don’t, you’ll find out on the course what’s needed to do a good job.

Skills you will acquire

Complete this course and you’ll be able to:

  • identify when an animated video is right for your subject
  • create a compelling idea that you can then take through a simple design process
  • plan and structure your animated video to give it balance and pace
  • design animated videos and build them using simple office tools
  • design animated videos that can be developed in more complex animation tools
  • publish and share your animated videos

Your journey

To help you build your skills in creating animated videos we have provided you with twelve lessons, each of which includes a short video and sometimes an activity to complete. We have also provided you with a number of resources that you can use for on-going reference, including tips and links to useful tools.

In lessons one to six we’ll cover what animated videos are, the formats, the characteristics of good animated videos, the design process, the tools and ways to distribute them. In lessons seven to twelve we’ll see how that looks in practice as we go through the design and development process for two different styles of animated video. We’ll then show how those videos were built in two different ways – once using a professional animation tool and once using PowerPoint.

Recognition for you

If you complete all elements of this course, you will receive a Skills Journey badge.

You can go a step further and complete the optional assignment, designed to help you apply what you have learned to a real-world task. If you are just browsing this course, then this is likely to be a step too far, but if you are serious about building your skills, this will be an invaluable exercise.

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Meet your tutor

Barry Sampson is one of the founders of Skills Journey. He has worked in learning and development for nearly two decades and for much of that time he has been helping people make sense of technology and what it can do to make learning easier and more accessible. His time is split between creating videos, screencasts, animated videos, interactive content and other media – and teaching other people how to do it themselves. In a past life he was Learning Technology Manager at a large UK corporate, where he worked on a number of award-winning elearning and blended learning programmes, and championed the use of emerging tools.


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