About this course

Is this for you?

This course is aimed at digital content designers, subject specialists, trainers, marketeers, bloggers – in fact just about anyone who wants to create live action videos themselves or intends to work with specialists. It assumes no technical knowledge other than very basic computer skills. If you already have equipment suitable for making videos, that’s fine. If you don’t, you’ll find out on the course what’s needed to do a good job.

The specifics

Complete this course and you’ll be able to:

  • determine when live action video is the best medium for a particular project;
  • develop compelling concepts for your videos;
  • select appropriate equipment for your projects, including cameras, tripods, teleprompters, microphones and lighting equipment;
  • prepare properly to ensure a shoot goes smoothly;
  • use the appropriate techniques for different types of shoots, i.e. pieces to camera, vox pops, how-to videos and live presentations;
  • edit various types of video material;
  • choose the best distribution channel for your content.

How it works

To help you better understand and then apply the principles of live action video production, we have provided you with 19 lessons, each of which includes a short video and sometimes an activity to complete. We also provide you with a number of resources that you can use for on-going reference.

If you complete the course, you will receive a Skills Journey badge. If you want, you can complete an optional assignment to help you put what you have learned into practice and demonstrate your skills to others.

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Meet your tutor

Asatuurs Keim is the founder of Studio From The Sky, a leading edge film production company. Asatuurs is a European filmmaker who found himself buried in imagery since the production of his first film ‘Don’t Panic’. His passion for moving images has taken him on productions in Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA. A former journalist and graduate of Raindance London and the London Academy of Media and Film, he was a student of Alexander Mitta and Brian Tufano. Asatuurs has taught cinematography at Brighton Film School and Arstudio. Passionate and excited, he is always on the move in search of his own stylistic paradise.


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