About this course

Is this for you?

This short course is aimed at anyone who expects to play a role in the design and development of any form of digital learning content, whether you will be managing that process, working on a team with specialists or doing it all yourself.

The specifics

Take this course and you’ll be able to:

  • clearly describe what micro-learning is;
  • sort out fact from fiction in terms of the benefits that micro-learning can provide;
  • identify ways in which micro-learning can be successfully applied to address requirements for learning or performance support within your own organisation or, if you work as an external contractor or consultant, the organisations of your clients;
  • make informed choices in terms of tools for developing micro-learning.

How it works

The course is comprised of nine lessons, each of which includes a short video, a micro case study and ideas for using micro-learning. There are also some ideas for activities which will help you to build your skills and confidence. We also provide you with a range of valuable resources that you can use for on-going reference and opportunities to engage with others taking the module.

If you complete the course, you will receive a Skills Journey badge. If you want, you can complete an optional assignment to help you put what you have learned into practice and demonstrate your skills to others.

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