What it is

The Knowledge is a comprehensive digest of the latest evidence-based principles of teaching and learning. As such it provides a solid foundation for anyone looking to build their skills as a learning professional.

The Knowledge has been compiled from the work of the world’s leading researchers on learning and teaching. It includes only what has been thoroughly proven to work in practice while at the same time pulling no punches in pointing out ideas and models that are built on sand – however popular they may be.

Twelve essential topics

The Knowledge consists of twelve modules, each of which covers an essential aspect of learning and teaching:

  1. Establishing the right relationship with your learners
  2. Responding to learner differences
  3. Structuring your lessons
  4. Engaging learners
  5. Providing clear explanations
  6. Employing visual aids
  7. Combining voice and visuals
  8. Improving learning through your use of words
  9. Providing worked examples
  10. Optimising the process of practice and rehearsal
  11. Providing feedback to learners
  12. Assessing learning

The structure of each module

Each of the twelve modules of The Knowledge contains the following:

  • A quick introductory quiz to check how much you already know about the subject of the module
  • An animated video covering the essential ideas from the module
  • Information on each of the key rules and principles
  • Guidelines on how to apply the rules and principles, depending on your particular role
  • A list of references
  • A quiz to check your knowledge of the rules and principles

Using The Knowledge

The Knowledge can be used in several, very distinct ways:

  • As a collection of twelve mini-courses, which you can take in sequence or in any order you please.
  • As a valuable source of reference which you can dip into at any time. In this case, you can simply ignore the quizzes.
  • As a complete course in its own right.

Recognition for you

If you pass each of the twelve quizzes in this course, you will receive a Skills Journey badge.

You can go a step further and complete the optional assignment, designed to help you apply what you have learned to a real-world task. If you are just browsing this course, then this is likely to be a step too far, but if you are serious about building your competence, then this will be an invaluable exercise.

Enjoy The Knowledge!

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