Welcome to the Skills Journey sampler

Skills Journey is a brand new resource for learning professionals across the world. Our courses are practical, relevant and skills-based. Both our methods and our content are based on the latest, evidence-based principles of teaching and learning. And as new thinking, ground-breaking technologies and shifting learner expectations turn learning and development on its head, we want you to be ready to lead the way.

Our courses provide you with the skills and the confidence you need to excel in any role:

  • as a learning and development manager
  • as a consultant working with major stakeholders
  • as a designer of learning solutions
  • as an instructor, subject expert, facilitator or coach that interacts directly with learners
  • as a designer or developer of learning content

Here you will find extracts from ten of the courses currently available. We have deliberately chosen lessons that demonstrate the wide variety of topics, styles and methods used across our curriculum. We hope these extracts provide you with an interesting and enjoyable start to your own personal Skills Journey.

Compelling content

Lesson 6: How to engage users with storytelling

Facilitating a group

Lesson 5: How to open a session

Designing solutions

Lesson 2: How to structure a blended solution

Creating interactive scenarios

Lesson 4: The design and development process

Coaching for learning

Lesson 2: Our coaching toolkit

Instructing on the job

Lesson 4: How to prepare the learner

Creating live action videos

Lesson 11: How to light a live action video

Communicating with sound

Lesson 5: How to record a podcast or voiceover

Evaluating success

Lesson 2: How to measure the efficiency of a learning solution

The Knowledge

Lesson 1: How to establish the right relationship with your learners

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