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The classroom designer’s programme

This programme is for those who design sessions that are delivered in a physical or virtual classroom, particularly when these are employed within the context of a blended solution.

Live events play an important role within a blend. They add urgency. They permit free-flowing discussion. They allow learners to get quick answers to questions and speedy feedback on their performance. It’s always a little more exciting when you’re sharing the moment with others.

We believe that live group events are wasted when people just sit and listen – after all, they could do that on their own. A classroom event should be an uplifting experience that acts as a catalyst for change.

The programme is currently only available on an in-company basis.

How you will benefit

The programme will provide participants with:

  • A thorough grounding in evidence-based learning principles.
  • An understanding of how live group events contribute to a blended solution.
  • Clear criteria by which to determine whether a live session should run in a physical classroom or a virtual one.
  • An appreciation of the wide range of teaching and learning methods that can be employed in a classroom.
  • An appreciation of the tools and facilities available in physical and virtual classrooms.

Participants will also gain a number of specific capabilities:

  • Setting clear aims and objectives for a classroom session.
  • Structuring a session in such a way as to engage learners and maximise learning.
  • Designing appropriate visual aids, including slides and videos.
  • Making appropriate use of voice and webcam video in a virtual session.
  • Designing challenging activities that maximise participation and stimulate learning.
  • Making use of storytelling to maximise memorability.
  • Documenting design.
  • Evaluating success.

The Skills Journey approach to in-company programmes

We design all of our programmes around a number of key principles:

  • No two programmes are exactly the same. You get what you need.
  • Every programme is blended to ensure an end-to-end experience, aimed at long-term behaviour change and impact back on the job.
  • We base our content and our approach on proven, evidence-based learning principles.
  • We provide lots of opportunities for participants to build confidence through practice with expert feedback.
  • We cross the boundaries of formal and informal learning, so the transfer of new ideas to the job becomes seamless.

How the programme is configured

The programme can work in a number of formats, depending on your particular requirements. Because of the need for extensive practice of interpersonal skills, we often include face-to-face elements but we’re also happy to provide online-only versions where this is more practical. Either way we will always provide a mix of live and self-paced elements.

Those programmes which centre on face-to-face delivery will tend to be shorter in terms of elapsed time. However, we do not recommend condensing the programme too much as this will not allow for adequate spaced practice. It takes time to become a skilled and confident facilitator and there are no easy shortcuts.

What next?

Contact us to discuss your needs and to obtain a quotation.

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