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The learning consultant’s programme

This new programme provides participants not only with the skills of the trusted consultant but also the confidence to put these skills into practice. Combine this with the ground-breaking model for organisational learning analysis and design encapsulated in our book The New Learning Architect, then you have a basis for comprehensively upgrading the credibility of your consultants, business partners and l&d strategists.

The programme is currently only available on an in-company basis.

How you will benefit

The programme will provide participants with the following benefits:

  • A thorough grounding in evidence-based learning principles, improving credibility with clients and the consultant’s confidence.
  • An understanding of the contexts in which learning takes place at work – formally, non-formally, on-demand and experientially – and the dynamics of top-down and bottom-up learning initiatives.
  • An understanding of the overall consulting process.
  • The ability to diagnose the causes of performance problems and to suggest appropriate solutions when learning is not a requirement.
  • The ability to analyse a learning requirement in terms of the types of learning required, the characteristics of the target population and the logistical constraints.
  • The confidence to behave as a trusted professional and not as an order taker. This may involve dealing with resistance and with challenges to your professional authority.
  • The interpersonal skills needed to deal with clients and other stakeholders, including active listening, paraphrasing, questioning, facilitating problem-solving discussions, as well as reading and using body language effectively.
  • The skills needed to present your thinking professionally in person and in writing.
  • How to evaluate a learning intervention or the success of an overall learning architecture.

The Skills Journey approach to in-company programmes

We design all of our programmes around a number of key principles:

  • No two programmes are exactly the same. You get what you need.
  • Every programme is blended to ensure an end-to-end experience, aimed at long-term behaviour change and impact back on the job.
  • We base our content and our approach on proven, evidence-based learning principles.
  • We provide lots of opportunities for participants to build confidence through practice with expert feedback.
  • We cross the boundaries of formal and informal learning, so the transfer of new ideas to the job becomes seamless.

How the programme is configured

The programme can work in a number of formats, depending on your particular requirements. We often include face-to-face elements but we’re also happy to provide online-only versions where this is more practical. Either way we will always provide a mix of live and self-paced elements.

Those programmes which centre on face-to-face delivery will tend to be shorter in terms of elapsed time. However, we do not recommend condensing the programme too much as this will not allow for adequate spaced practice.

All participants receive a paperback copy of the book The New Learning Architect.

What next?

Contact us to discuss your needs and to obtain a quotation.