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Learning Strategy and Architecture

In a new world that values resources as much as courses, we can help you to create a learning architecture for your organisation that effectively integrates formal, non-formal, on-demand and experiential learning.

Building your capability

We believe strongly that we should do everything we can to provide you with sustainable skills and processes. In accordance with that, we can provide you with a programme that focuses on the most important skill of the learning professional – consultancy:

  • The learning consultant’s programme: This new programme provides participants not only with the skills of the trusted consultant but also the confidence to put these skills into practice. Combine this with the ground-breaking model for organisational learning analysis and design encapsulated in our book The New Learning Architect, then you have a basis for comprehensively upgrading the credibility of your consultants, business partners and strategists.

Working alongside you

We can work with your internal consultants to coach them as they apply their skills to real projects. This service works brilliantly as a follow-up to the programme listed above.

Doing it for you

We are happy to undertake a strategic review for you, highlighting opportunities for structural changes and new learning interventions that will transform the service you provide to your organisation.


If you would like us to speak on any aspect of learning strategy or architecture at your meeting or conference, please get in touch.


Transforming learning and development: This e-book provides a vision for workplace learning and six strategies that can move you towards that vision.

The new learning architect: Clive Shepherd’s book outlines the role of a new breed of learning and development strategist. The new learning architect designs environments for learning that carefully balance the need for formal, non-formal, on-demand and experiential approaches. The book outlines both a model and a process which can be used to create a learning strategy for an organisation as a whole, for a department, region or function, or to support a particular project or programme.