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Live Online Learning – a facilitators guide

Live Online Learning book cover

Virtual classrooms provide a fantastic opportunity for any organisation that wants to get more training done more cheaply, particularly when participants are widely dispersed. Many of the skills of the classroom trainer can be transferred without difficulty to an online setting, but the experience can still be strange and sometimes a little daunting for those starting off as virtual classroom facilitators. This ebook brings together best practice guidelines from around the world and from our own extensive experience. It will provide you with invaluable support as you look to transfer your skills online.

Download the ebook for free

As part of our efforts to help people who suddenly find themselves working remotely for the first time, we have made the ebook version free to download as a PDF. The book is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Sharealike licence – put simply, you can adapt it and share it with whoever you like as long as you do so non-commercially (basically don’t sell it) and attribute the book to us (if you share it as is, the attribution is already there). You can download it here – Live Online Learning e-book 2020

Available as a paperback on Lulu, price £9.95:

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And now also available for Kindle at £3.56 or $4.99:

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