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More Than Blended Learning – The Book

The More Than Blended book

More Than Blended Learning, the book, is available in a wide variety of formats:


As a monochrome 272-page paperback, available from Amazon.

Also available from Lulu.


As an e-book for Amazon Kindle.

As an e-book from the Apple iBookStore.

As an e-book for other epub compatible readers (e.g. Kobo)

The paperbacks are beautifully designed in a distinctive square format by Frost Creative. We are confident you will not want to hide these away on a shelf somewhere.


Here is what people are saying about the book:

This is an authoritative book. It is based on the experiences of someone who has done the hard yards and is happy to share his considerable experience. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Robin Hoyle in Inside Learning Technologies and Skills

What it offers you in your design process is a ‘home’ for all the ideas and suggestions and buzzwords  that are usually brought to the table – plus a few you hadn’t thought of. It allows you to evaluate all the options in holistic but critical way.

Norman Lamont in his Light Touch Learning blog

This book represents a stepping stone to improved organisational performance. The ‘jukebox’ is an important highlight; it shows that designing blended learning can be far more ambitious (and impactful) than what is commonly found in practice, yet the approach suggested is coherent and usable enough to be summarised into a single image.

Viv Cole

This is a hugely engaging and interesting book. It presents a pragmatic approach to dealing with the volume and complexity of the thinking around blended learning. It brings together real experience, concepts and evidence. This book is a MUST READ for L&D practitioners and leaders and for anyone interested in developing people in the workplace.

The book is packed full of clearly-presented concepts, examples, summaries and case studies which are both presented and analysed. Writing in simple language, with minimal jargon and in a humorous but not patronising tone, Clive brings the topic alive in a memorable way.

Ros Sutton

I’m writing to state my amazement and happiness about this wonderful book! It’s so well written and exactly what I need at this time in my professional life as L&D Manager. I just can’t stop reading and find not enough hours in a day to read through all tips and knowledge presented in this amazing book!

Romeo Soebrati

Thanks for sharing your book with me, which I have just finished. It was excellent. The branding and layout are also outstanding. I felt the material was a very insightful summary of blended learning best practice, and would be particular useful for someone entering the field.

Ann Halloran, in-tuition

There are elements of the book that are theoretical but overall this book is very much grounded in reality. I would certainly recommend it for anyone new to corporate learning and development, but even those with experience will benefit from the practical insights and lessons learnt from the case studies too.

TIM, The Intelligent Mentor, TIM’s Book Club, Saba

I think Clive has done a wonderful job in bringing all the moving elements of learning design together in a workable framework, without oversimplifying it. At first sight there are indeed a lot of elements, but once you go through it you’ll agree they all play a vital role. He strikes a good balance between acknowledging the complexity (and offering options with strong guidance on what fits where) without reverting to the deceptive approach of  ‘the 3 steps are… and you’re done’.

Bert de Coutere, Homo Competens Blog

Clive Shepherd’s impressive new book, ‘More than blended learning’ dropped through my letterbox the other day. In it, Clive describes how mixing a wide range of learning methods and media can maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of a training programme. He provides clear and practical design processes that learning professionals can adopt. This alone makes it an essential read for anyone looking to get ahead in the profession.

Martin Belton, I-love learning

Just wanted to send you a large congratulations on an outstanding book. I know that you probably know this already, but from an academic and a psychologist’s perspective, it’s pretty spot on. It should be a mandatory text in any course on instructional design.

Dr Lesley Crane,