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More Than Blended Learning

More Than Blended Learning (>BL) is a refreshingly different but simple new approach to the design of learning solutions.

Blended solutions combine contrasting learning methods and media in order to maximise effectiveness and efficiency. The More Than approach goes a step further to ensure the blend results in application to real-world tasks and the learner is supported along the whole length of their learning journey.

This page provides an introduction to the design process, but if you’d like to know more you may be interested in the book or the Designing learning solutions course which follows the More Than Blended methodology.

More than a jukebox

This graphic summarises the major steps in the More Than approach. We think it looks a little like a jukebox:

OK, so it’s a bit much to expect you to comes to terms with a whole load of new ideas from just this picture, so here’s a PDF that goes into more detail:

More than a jukebox (PDF, 3.6MB)

If, like most people, you’d prefer your introduction to new ideas to come wrapped up in storytelling and examples, then the next resource might be more your thing.

Clive Shepherd first presented the More Than approach at the Learning Technologies conference in London, January 2014. This resource contains all the slides from that presentation, annotated so they make sense without Clive there.