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Driving behavioural change across the people profession

Six months of highly concentrated effort by the Skills Journey team has paid off with the launch, on January 23, of a major new online learning resource for 150,000 members of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD).

We worked closely with the CIPD learning team to help produce eight courses aligned to the core behaviours in the CIPD’s New Profession Map:

  1. Ethical practice
  2. Professional courage and influence
  3. Valuing people
  4. Working inclusively
  5. Commercial drive
  6. Passion for learning
  7. Insights focus
  8. Situational decision-making

This was a real team effort with design and development shared across CIPD and ourselves. To get this resource out in such a short time, including the production of 73 new videos and animations, we employed a highly agile and collaborative approach and this certainly seems to have paid off with a fantastic early response from CIPD members.

A big challenge was that we were not focusing on knowledge-based material; we wanted to challenge and shape the behaviours of those working in HR, L&D and OD, not just in the UK but across a wide range of cultures. This led us to adopt an innovative design, centring on storytelling, authentic challenges, personal exploration, reflection and social interaction.

We were determined not to bombard learners with abstract information. We wanted to stimulate insights that would transform practice and enhance the professional standing of those working in the profession. I reckon we have every chance of achieving that.

The courses are free to CIPD members. If that doesn’t include you, you can get an overview of what the resource contains on the CIPD website.

We’re People Who Know

Skills Journey has joined People Who Know. We’ll let them describe what it does:

“People Who Know is the premier marketplace and knowledge hub for business leaders to find and connect with OD, Talent and L&D providers and fellow professionals.

It’s the single source of curated knowledge for agents of change within businesses who crave inspiration from the people who know how best to define, develop and deliver measurable improvement and commercial impact.

It’s the premium marketplace to find, learn and share knowledge. Knowledge that inspires, that grows organisations, knowledge that changes lives.”

Anyway, we’re in. We’d recommend you take a look.

Skills Journey courses become Teachable

As of this week, we have moved the Skills Journey curriculum of courses to a new platform, Teachable. This provides us with a much more robust and flexible platform for distributing individual courses and subscriptions, both directly and through our upcoming partners and affiliates (much more news to follow on that front!). Our Teachable site can be found at