Skills Journey for Organisations

If you’re interested in Skills Journey as an Individual learner or you represent a relatively small team of five or less, you should probably head over to where you can purchase individual courses and subscriptions to the whole catalogue by credit card. If you’re looking to develop a larger team of learning professionals, read on:

Skills Journey is a brand new capability-building resource for learning professionals

Our online, self-study courses provide you with the skills and the confidence you need to excel in any role:

  • as a learning and development manager
  • as a consultant working with major stakeholders
  • as a designer of learning solutions
  • as an instructor, subject expert, facilitator or coach that interacts directly with learners
  • as a designer or developer of digital learning content

Our courses are practical, relevant and skills-based. Both our methods and our content are based on the latest, evidence-based principles of teaching and learning. And as new thinking, ground-breaking technologies and shifting learner expectations turn learning and development on its head, we want you to be ready to lead the way.

Our courses and our platform are completely mobile friendly.

Take a look at our courses

The four responsibilities of the learning professional

“To be a real professional you have to act like one”

Establishing a learning architecture

Develop the skills and the confidence you need to help your clients define their overall learning strategy

Data analytics for learning and performance

Use data to uncover needs, compare options, assess progress and determine results

Analysing performance and learning needs

Transform your role from order taker to trusted performance consultant

Designing learning solutions

Create world-class interventions that make a real impact on performance

Designing for performance support

Use user-centred design techniques to deliver resources that support performance at the point of need

Implementing your solution

Turn great designs into learning experiences that fulfil their potential every time

Evaluating success

“You cannot manage what you cannot measure”

Digital design in context

Unleash the power of digital learning content

The six characteristics of compelling content

Create digital learning content that draws you in and won’t let go

Visual design

Add the professional touch to your presentations and learning materials

Communicating with sound

Everything you need to create podcasts, voiceovers and video soundtracks

Designing for interactivity

Interaction brings your content to life; it maximises engagement, retention and transfer; and it requires skilful design. And that’s where you come in …

Creating live action videos

Video is the medium of the moment. Make it your tool.

Creating animated videos

Everything you need to get started as an animator

Creating screencasts

Everything you need to create engaging software demos

Creating interactive scenarios

Everything you need to design and build immersive learning activities

Making micro-learning work for you

Discover a new way to think about learning content

Our offering for larger organisations

Here's what's in the package

Access to all the courses in our catalogue
Tools to help you identify needs and tailor learning pathways
Resources that help you make the best use of Skills Journey within the context of your organisation’s specific needs
Introductory webinars for participants
Quarterly calls to review progress and plan ahead

If you want to run Skills Journey on your own platform

Normally we will provide you with access to the courses through our learning platform at However, we can also supply courses in SCORM or xAPI format for delivery on your own learning management system.

Ways you can use Skills Journey

As dip-in and dip-out resources for just-in-time support
As CPD for individuals
As the basis for a fully-supported programme of skills development
As elements in a blend that could include all sorts of other ingredients, including work-based projects and practical workshops

More detail about what's in the catalogue

For information on the current curriculum, download our catalogue. Of course, we’d be happy to provide you with access to the courses themselves to explore in more detail – just ask.

How our courses support different roles

Our catalogue has been designed to support a wide variety of roles in L&D, as well as important contributory roles such as on-job training, the coaching of learners and delivery of specialist subject matter. Download our Skills Journey Role Mapper 2019 to see which courses are designed for which audiences.

To discuss a package that’s right for your organisation, please contact us.

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