Practical 21st century classroom skills (Coming soon)


Is this for you?

This course is aimed at anyone planning to deliver classroom sessions as part of a learning solution. Those who are relatively new to classroom delivery will benefit most. No prior experience or technical knowledge is required.

The specifics

Take this course and you’ll be able to:

  • set out a classroom for different types of learning event;
  • provide learners with all the resources they need to make the most of an event;
  • use projectors and large-screen TVs to display visual aids;
  • set up for sound playback;
  • use flip charts, whiteboards and their electronic equivalents;
  • use video cameras to make recordings of role plays and other activities;
  • use audience response systems for learner interaction;
  • prepare and use handouts, both electronic and hard copy;
  • pack everything you need to cover every situation.

How it works

The course is comprised of ten lessons, each of which includes a video and often a resource that you can use for on-going reference. If you complete the course, you will receive a Skills Journey badge.

Download infosheet (PDF)