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The collection

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The >BL Collection showcases great examples of blended solutions across a wide range of organisations. We found out what need each solution was addressing, how it was designed and how it worked out in practice. We also heard from the managers and designers that made it happen.

All aboard at Carnival UK

With this solution you’ll see how the blended approach can be adapted to the trickiest of training environments. In particular, note how the design allows learners to obtain key knowledge at their own pace, freeing up trainers to provide coaching and personalised instruction in the workplace – in this case on board a cruise liner in the middle of the ocean.

Selling the system at Initiative

This project shows how, by taking a blended approach, what could have been seen as a simple IT training exercise has resulted in a transformation in the usage of a key software tool.

Management skills according to Plan

This case study demonstrates how an international NGO has been able to provide their managers with the skills they need to operate in the farthest corners of the globe. This feat would not have been possible without the flexibility provided by a carefully crafted blended solution.

Marketing capability at Vodafone

This solution works for a demanding global audience of marketing professionals for which previous attempts have fallen flat. It achieves this by condensing the theoretical component to a level at which it can be summarised in just three slides, and then focusing in on the practical ways in which a unified approach to marketing can be applied across a major corporation.

The Waterstones Academy

This case study provides an excellent example of blended learning in action within a highly competitive retail environment, providing development opportunities for staff while contributing to a strategic business change.

HC-One feels the power of touch

This case study shows how a richly blended solution, expertly implemented, can contribute to a major business turn-around, in this case within the care sector. HC-One, working with partners Acteon, achieved all this within a year of go-ahead. Here’s how.

PwC: learning in the brand style

This case study demonstrates how a rich blend of different approaches can be needed to practically implement a major change across a large, international organisation. Particularly interesting is the wide range of resources that PwC used to embed the change and support employees long after the formal element of the blend had been completed.

Your turn perhaps?

Do you have a blended success story to share? If it demonstrates all four phases of the More Than approach – Preparation, Input, Application and Follow-up – and you’d like to showcase it in the >BL Collection then please contact us.

We do videos too

The >BL Collection was co-produced with Studio from the Sky, our video partner. If you would like to work with us and Studio from the Sky on a learning-related video project please contact us.